Friday, July 31, 2009

Saturday 9 : Rain

1. What do you typically like to do on a rainy day?

Stay in bed, snuggle, sex, computer, eat, snuggle, cuddle ;)

2. Tell us about the last time you did something you later regretted, that you can share with us.

I think you should NEVER regret the things you have done because at one time it was EXACTLY what you wanted. (If at one time it made you smile it was worth it) So i regret the things i haven't done because then i will NEVER know how it turned out!

3. I recently got an email from a lover from a

very long time ago. I was asked "Have all your dreams come true?"
LOL! and you care because?

4. If you had a job interview and was asked, "If you were an animal, what kind would you be (other than human?)" How would you answer that question.

I would want to be either a worm or a cheetah. Cause worms have 8 hearts, so it would be really hard for me to die (unless a fish ate me) and a cheetah because it would be so amazing to run so fast.

5. Do you think it is a good idea to share with a new lover stories of your past lovers?

Hell No!

6. When do you think it is permissible or even important to lie?

When your ass is at gunpoint.

7. What was the last thing you did that you never thought you would?

Fly to the heavens in his arms.

8. What is one important lesson that you learned from your mother?

My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. What is one important lesson that you learned from your father?

My father taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't have wonderful parents like you do."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Be mine

One song can spark a moment,
one flower can wake a dream,
one tree can start a forest,
one bird can herald a spring,
one smile can bring a friendship,
one handclasp can lift a soul,
one star can guide a ship at sea,
one word can frame a goal,
one vote can change the nation,
one sunbeam can light a room,
one candle can wipe out darkness,
one laugh can conquer gloom,
one step can start a journey,
one word can start each prayer,
one hope can show you care,
one voice can speak with wisdom,
one heart can know whats true,
one life can make a difference,
you see,
It's up to you.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mood Swings

I swear I hate being a girl sometimes. I don't know if its my craziness, my hormones or chemical imbalances in my brain, but I have been having serious bouts of mood swings! I'll be crying one time and then getting angry the next. It bothers me so much early in the morning when it strikes the worst.

Poor Him. He has been sooo patient. any idea on how to overcome hormonal mood swings?

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Dear Body

Dear Body,

It is really difficult to write to you. I feel ashamed to call you dear because I am so embarrassed for the way I have been to you. I used to hate you. I used to think you were the cause of all my pain. I gave you a hard time back in high school, didn't I? All I could do was call you names. I called you jiggly-thighs or cottage cheese ass. All I could do was think about what other people thought of you, when in reality, the relationship was always between you and me, not anybody else. I never congratulated or admired you for the accomplishments you have done. So here I am doing it now. It is better late than never, right?

Body... You are AMAZING. You can do SO much. I'm sorry that for so many years, I only looked at your imperfections. It's a shame that I never came to this realization in high school. Society made me look at your beautiful curves as chubby and fat. But I don't believe that anymore. You deserve to be treated with love and respect. Never again will I deprive you of much needed vitamins and minerals, drive you to complete exhaustion, or deny you of your well-deserved rest by pulling all-nighters for exams. I will treat you as my temple. I will nourish you and keep you healthy and active.

You and I, my dear, still have a whole life ahead of us. Let's be friends :)

With you forever,

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

love all the way

From the very Beginning, the girl's family objected strongly on her dating this guy. Saying that it has got to do with family background & that the girl will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him. Due to family's pressure, the couple quarrel very often.

Though the girl love the guy deeply, but she always ask him: "How deep is your love for me?" As the guy is not good with his words, this often cause the girl to be very upset. With that & the family's pressure,the girl often vent her anger on him.

As for him, he only endure it in silence. After a couple of years, the guy finally graduated & decided to further his studies in overseas. Before leaving, he proposed to the girl: "I'm not very good with words. But all I know is that I love you. If you allow me, I will take care of you for the rest of my life.

As for your family, I'll try my best to talk them round. Will you marry me?" The girl agreed, & with the guy's determination, the family finally gave in & agreed to let them get married. So before he left, they got engaged. The girl went out to the working society,whereas the guy was overseas, continuing his studies. They sent their love through emails & phone calls. Though it's hard, but both never thought of giving up.

One day, while the girl was on her way to work,she was knocked down by a car that lost control. When she woke up, she saw her parents beside her bed. She realized that she was badly injured. Seeing her mom crying, she wanted to comfort her. But she realized that all that could come out of her mouth was just a sigh. She has lost her voice...... The doctors says that the impact on her brain has caused her to lose her voice. Listening to her parents' comfort,but with nothing coming out from her, she broke down.

During the stay in hospital, besides silence cry,'s still just silence cry that accompanied her. Upon reaching home, everything seems to be the same.Except for the ringing tone of the phone. Which pierced into her heart every time it rang. She does not wish to let the guy know. & not wanting to be a burden to him, she wrote a letter to him saying that she does not wish to wait any longer. With that, she sent the ring back to him.

In return, the guy sent millions & millions of reply, and countless of phone calls,.. all the girl could do, besides crying, is still crying.... The parents decided to move away, hoping that she could eventually forget everything & be happy. With a new environment, the girl learn sign language & started a new life.Telling herself everyday that she must forget the guy. One day, her friend came & told her that he's back. She asked her friend not to let him know what happened to her. Since then, there wasn't anymore news of him.

A year has passed & her friend came with an envelope,containing an invitation card for the guy's wedding. The girl was shattered. When she open the letter, she saw her name in it instead.When she was about to ask her friend what's going on, she saw the guy standing in front of her. He used sign language telling her "I've spent a year's time to learn sign language. Just to let you know that I've not forgotten our promise. Let me have the chance to be your voice. I Love You. With that, he slipped the ring back into her finger. The girl finally smiled...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

3 words only

Three little words can make a difference in one's life. There are many things that we can do to perk up and strengthen our interpersonal relationships. Yet the most effective involves the saying of just three words.

When spoken or conveyed, these statements have the power to forge new friendships, deepen old ones and restore relationships that have cooled. The following three-word phrases can enrich every relationship.

I'll Be There:
If you have ever had to call a friend in the middle of the night, to take a sick child to hospital, or when your car has broken down some miles from home, you will know how good it feels to hear the phrase "I'll be there." Being there for another person is the greatest gift we can give. When we are truly present for other people, important things happen to them and us. We are renewed in love and friendship. We are restored emotionally and spiritually. Being there is at the very core of civility.

I Miss You:
Perhaps more marriages could be saved and strengthened if couples simply and sincerely said to each other "I miss you." This powerful affirmation tells partners they are wanted, needed,desired and loved. Consider how ecstatic you would feel, if you received an unexpected phone call from your spouse in the middle of your workday, just to say "I miss you."

I Respect You:
Respect is another way of showing love. Respect conveys the feeling that another person is a true equal. If you talk to your children as if they were adults you will strengthen the bonds and become close friends. This applies to all inter-personal relationships.

Maybe You're Right:
This phrase is highly effective in diffusing an argument and restoring frayed emotions. The flip side to "maybe you're right" is the humility of admitting, "Maybe I'm wrong". Let's face it.When you have a heated argument with someone, all you do is cement the other person's point of view. They, or you, will not change their stance and you run the risk of seriously damaging the relationship between you. Saying "maybe you're right" can open the door to further explore the subject, in which you may then have the opportunity to get your view across in a more rational manner.

Please Forgive Me:
Many broken relationships could be restored and healed if people would admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. All of us are vulnerable to faults, follies and failures.A man should never be ashamed to own up that he has been in the wrong,which is saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.

I Thank You:
Gratitude is an exquisite form of courtesy. People who enjoy the companionship of good, close friends are those who don't take daily courtesies for granted. They are quick to thank their friends for their many expressions of kindness. On the other hand,people whose circle of friends is severely constricted often do not have the attitude of gratitude.

Count On Me:
A friend is one who walks in when others walk out.Loyalty is an essential ingredient for true friendship; it is the emotional glue that bonds people. Those that are rich in their relationships tend to be steady and true friends. When troubles come, a good friend is there indicating you can "count on me."

Let Me Help:
The best of friends see a need and try to fill it.When they spot a hurt they do what they can to heal it. Without being asked, they pitch in and help.

I Understand You:
People become closer and enjoy each other more if they feel the other person accepts and understands them. Letting your spouse know in so many little ways that you understand them, is one of the most powerful tools for healing your relationship. This applies to any relationship.

I Love You:
Perhaps the most important three words that you can say. Telling someone that you truly love them satisfies a person's deepest emotional needs; the need to belong, to feel appreciated and to be wanted. Your family, your friends and you, all need to hear those three little words. "I love you."

Go To Hell is also a three word only. Use it to your benefit.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


My favorite Language ... in AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE: I Love You
Prompt by Sunday Scribblings