Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is like Chocolate

Love is like Choclate,
it comes in diffrent variety's.
You have your white, milk, and your dark etc.
We want more and more of both.
Both makes us happy,
both everyone can't get enough of.
But too much of anything isn't good for you.
Love can break your heart, and make you do crazy things as well,
and choclate makes you gain weight, and really leaves you miserable, if you eat too much.
We can have our choclate,
but we also can't eat it.
Life dosen't work that way.
Sometimes we may want dark,
but we get milk or white instead.
Love is like choclate,
it makes you happy,
makes you feel good,
its sweet,
and should be valued by people who want to do it right.
But don't let if fool you either.
Love and choclate can spoil any time.
Then its time to move on to another brand, another kind.
Maybe it wasn't real choclate or real love to begin with at all period.

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